it all began during my diploma thesis. we - my colleague ralf brunner and me - used to have a variation to the boring programmers work. so we connected our pcs and played half-life's deathmatch. that was real fun, but not enough... there must have been more!

so we invited some friends and played the game in a group of four. still not enough... after a few days we connected eight pc's

all players loved that gamesession! so this session became the top topic of the day. there were a lot of other gamers who wanted to take part of such a session. that was the beginning of our organization: last man standing. marco landolt joined our organization team.

we all met and planned the first mission fubar.
this event was very successful. so we decided to do further missions.
the next one we called jmd. for this mission we asked joel stuessi for assistance in our team as a network expert. except of a few organization mistakes the session accomplished successfuly too.

unfortunately our software programmer ralf brunner left our team for six months (trip to australia). so we had to organize the next session without him. although the night before he left, he almost finished the installation-tool (thanks for that).

"return to castle schwammhoehe" (rtcs) was the first event that should have been a two-day-session. unfortunately there were not enough teams to make a counter-strike day. so there was just one official competition. even if our software programmer wasn't here, this event became almost the image of a professional lan-party.

the combets brothers don't want to give away their top positions. pascal "strauchdieb" combet took the first place on the mission four again. the organisation of mtb impressed the competitors and improved against the last event. for the counter-strike session were not enough teams too, but there were a lot of people who fought in mixed clans.

the combet brothers are beaten! since we organize lms lan-parties pascal "strauchdieb" und dominique "sTiRB du BiTsCH" combet reached the first place on every mission. but now, on the mission wtc, ralf "mini muetter" brunner changed the situation. our software programmer won every map. no chance for anyone...

on the mission bvs ralf "mini muetter" brunner wins again. he seems to be the new hero. will somebody beat him in the next mission? we will see...

ralf "mini muetter" brunner couldn't play with us, so florian "Tresserhorn" weber took the chance to show every other gamer how to play half-life.

ralf "mini muetter" brunner is back and shows his ability of gaming again. he tooks the first place on the mission eight (codename: rip). the second place got strauchdieb and the third Tresserhorn. all of them won once a session. are these the best lms-fighters? we will see...

for current activities see the news.