01-04-12 + the lms revival has a new winner! the new face of the tenth mission codename tfr is
chris "DARKET" leuzinger
. on one map only took ralf "mini muetter" the first place away!
08-03-12 +

unbelievable! more than ten years after our first gig we will do it again
the next mission tfr is on the 31th of march

28-06-06 + finally the update of mission nine codename bfm:
ralf "mini muetter" brunner wins again. second place got Tresserhorn and the newcomer muHameD jumps on the third place.
03-03-06 + after a longer break - we're back! the mission bfm will be on the 24./25. march.
04-04-05 +

rankings are up to date! ralf "mini muetter" brunner beats all other gamers again. where's the one who beats him? the second place got strauchdieb and the third Tresserhorn. all of them won once a session. are these the best lms-fighters?
we will see...

19-03-05 + it's time to make another mission... rip is waiting!
15-04-04 + another hero! florian "Tresserhorn" weber takes the chance to take the first place.
15-03-04 + finally, the next mission will be in the famous castle schwammhoehe on the 26/27 march 2004
01-04-03 + the winners of the first official counter-strike competition are deufel, last8, L4m|34, l3L4Cl{MAILER from the HellFire Clan reinforced by Skywalker

the winner of bvs is ralf "mini muetter" brunner again! and again he didn't lose one map!

06-02-03 + mission six codename bvs! it will be on 28/29 march
15-09-02 + the combet-brothers are beaten! ralf "mini muetter" brunner wins the mission five. he didn't lose one map.
03-08-02 + the next mission will be in netstal again on 13/14-09-02.
11-07-02 + the winner of mtb is pascal "strauchdieb" combet again!
22-05-02 + new topic: public relations with our report about our last game session
03-05-02 + mission four mtb will be on 28/29 june
13-04-02 + website is updated with mission rtcs

the winner of rtcs is pascal "strauchdieb" combet (rankings)

10-02-02 + installation cd availible.
  + maps for event rtcs are defined
24-01-02 +

installation cd for maps and skins will be coming soon!

21-01-02 + marching orders are sent
01-01-02 + first online news
  + our software programmer ralf brunner went to a trip to austraila for six months
  + we are to organize mission three rtcs in march (22.-23.)